Rolex and Exploration

Rolex is presenting the latest creations brought to life by its unique watchmaking expertise. Among these are the new-generation Explorer and Explorer II, watches that take us from the highest mountain peaks to the most isolated polar regions.
The Explorer was born at the top of the world and developed in collaboration with legendary mountaineers.
The Himalayas were the setting for their real-life laboratory, and in particular the highest peak, Mount Everest.

Since then, the Explorer has constantly evolved to meet explorers’ needs, each time becoming more robust and easier to read. It has adapted to the most extreme environments, where time management is often key to survival.

Watches in the Explorer range have mastered the extreme frontiers of exploration: from mountain tops to the depths of caves, in the biting cold of the Arctic or the searing heat of volcanoes. On all types of adventure the Explorer II, thanks to its 24-hour display, became the watch of choice for polar explorers, speleologists and volcanologists.

The new-generation Explorer and Explorer II are emblematic of Rolex’s perpetual drive to improve, its never-ending quest for excellence. And, without ever sacrificing performance – one of the range’s essential requirements – the watches are also elegant.

This year, the Oyster Perpetual Explorer is available in a yellow Rolesor version. Combining Oystersteel and gold, Rolesor is a signature Rolex style that flawlessly blends strength and elegance. Oystersteel, a unique alloy with incomparable strength and clarity, remains a key element of the Explorer models' case and bracelet. Corrosion-resistant and designed for the most challenging conditions, it is part of what makes the Oyster Perpetual Explorer II an essential instrument for every explorer.